Monday, 16 May 2011

High Tea @ Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria, QVB

Elegant Italian-inspired High Tea located in the heart of Sydney CBD, Bacco is a recent development bringing back Sydney-siders for MOREEEE! 

Penguin: Having tried the oh so very delicious strawberry tart, and the cheesecake tart from the Bacco Cafe at Chifley, I was ecstatic when I found out that Bacco was opening up at QVB and serving High-Tea as part of the SIFF sugar hit October good food month. I quickly grabbed Gummi Bear and a couple other work mates to join me in my very first high-tea!

Gummi: For my first High Tea experience we headed to Bacco, although they aren't the first restaurant which comes to mind when thinking of High Tea (for example, QVB's The Tea Room), it was still a delightful experience as the waiter headed to our tables with our tea and three scrumptious looking tiers of sandwiches, pastries and cakes.

I'm a big scone fan and the scones with jam and cream didn't disappoint. I also quite liked the triple layer cheesecake and light fruit tart.

We had the Bacco Tradizionale High Tea for $33 which came with a choice of tea from their menu, for the same price they have the Bacco Cioccolato High tea served with their own signature hot chocolate. High Tea menu

All plated up

The savouries 


The sweets


 Macaron Mayhem

Life of a scone

Location: Shop 24-27, Level 2 QVB, 455 George St, Sydney (also located in Chifley Plaza)


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