Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Afternoon Tea ♥^.^♥

I attended a highschool friend's wedding last weekend and we were provided with a cocktail style afternoon tea. I was also informed that the mother-of-the-groom prepared the two beautiful spreads with some helpers from the church. Thumbs-ups to them!!! :) The only thing missing were those fantastic cookies she makes, although they did make an appearance at the engagement party!

this is actually the same plate from the other side (no, I did not get another plate!)
this little quiche-like thing is the star of the plate, because I couldn't reach that part of the table in my first plating
some of the food with decorations in the background
the food's starting to disappear but I really loved this tray!!
I also made the couple an interactive pop-up card, so when you pull the knife down two hearts pop up out o f the cake~!! Although, I might give the next bouquet toss a miss after the wild scramble that occured ;)


P.S. Well, this wasn't really "High Tea", but I could imagine some of those plates in that setting (maybe minus the mini pies and the Pods :P)

 P.P.S. I also went to Krispy Kreme in Orange Grove where you can watch the donuts being made :) We had already decided what to get as my friend had the deals voucher but we watched the process while chatting for a good fifteen minutes!


chocolatesuze said...

wow delicious looking spread!

Curious Chopstix said...
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Curious Chopstix said...

thanks chocolatesuze! ^^ we all thought it was a catering company at first! :)


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