Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dinner @ Longrain, Surry Hills

Hi all! A little while back I hung out with some of Penguin's crew for some Modern Asian dining, or more specifically a "delicate blend of Thai and Southern Chinese influences". I also met omggimmenow, a fellow food blogger and super foodspotter who is a friend of Penguin's!

I headed over to the restaurant and asked for a table of eight, I had to wait for them to set up the table and for the whole group to arrive so I downstairs in the bar. The staff there were very attentive and poilite even though I was just waiting for the upstairs table.

Around 7, we headed up to a large round table, just enough to fit us comfortably and proceeded to order off the menu. With eight of us, we ordered all the mains minus the lamb curry (we had a few non-lamb fans on the table!), to be replaced with the papaya salad.

The Ping Pong Cocktail and Virgin Ping Pong, a concoction of passionfruit and lychee with lemon (vodka) was a unanimous favourite with most of the table ordering it.

As we finished our meal, a waiter came to wipe our table and suddenly we realised there was a built in lazy susan!!! That would have been extremely helpful to us if we had known, though I suspect we'd end up with a few drink and phone mix-ups!

Dish-up time!
Char grilled octopus & crisp pork belly with watermelon, roast chilli & black vinegar
Eggnet with pork, prawn, peanuts, bean sprouts & sweet vinegar
Caramelised pork hock with five spice & chilli vinegar
Ocean trout, green papaya & chilli salad with lemongrass & chilli jam
Red curry of duck with apple eggplant, lime leaf & holy basil   
Jungle curry of kingfish with baby corn, pea eggplants & wild ginger
Green papaya salad with dried shrimp & peanuts
Mussaman curry of Mandagery Creek beef with potatoes & baby onions
Drunken organic chicken breast with ginger, shallots & a sesame dressing

We were quite amazed by the delicate egg net! Want to see how it's made?

Location: 85 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, NSW Australia 2010
Phone: + 61 2 9280 2888

Longrain Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

P.S. Turns out that Martin Boetz was on the judging panel for that night's Master Chef! (from episode #17)


Big thanks also goes to AC who lent us her camera for some of the photos :) and Penguin for supplying the lighting.


chocolatesuze said...

the caramelised pork hock sounds delish!

Curious Chopstix said...

@chocolatesuze: Penguin here! It certainly is, and you must try it if you get the chance =) I always order that dish! It would be cool if one day we can do a restuarant review with you and other blogger friends? =D Gummi and I have been a big fan of your awesome blog for ages!

p.s. I was shocked to know that Jason is your bro!

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