Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sushi train @ sushi hotaru, Sydney

As Penguin is out of town at the moment, I dragged our friend (Walrus) out for some Japanese. We headed to Galeries Victoria as there were heaps of restaurants closed on the public holiday. With a choice between the sushi train (Sushi Hotaru); noodles (Ichiban) and a typical Japanese restaurant (Wagamama), it was the iPad ordering screens at Sushi Hotaru which drew Walrus' attention.

It wasn't a busy night so we were seated straightaway and requested the table seats. The screen was not as responsive as we hoped but we guided ourselves through and ordered some yummy plates.

Walrus is happily playing with the screen!

Green tea latte with red bean ice cream - sweet and delicious! ^^

The back wall of the restaurant, it's a pretty cool mosaic!

Hand rolled sushi - they're warm, freshly made and taste great!

Menya potato salad - right amount of flavour and yum!
Incidentally I've also been here with Penguin as well! :)

sashimi ^^

soft shell crab & renkon chips!

...but were part of a group of 4!
I'd definitely recommend the handrolls as they are freshly made and you get a whole lot of seaweed with it! As well as being a reasonable price as they come out on the plates the waitress counts, which is around $3 or so.

Sushi Hotaru on Urbanspoon

Sushi Hotaru
Level 1 in Galeries Victoria
Shop RP1/ 500 George Street


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